Kimberley Starr is the award-winning Australian author of the forthcoming literary crime novel Torched (Pantera Press, 2020) as well as

The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies (UQP, winner of the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award)

and The Book of Whispers (TEXT Publishing, winner of the Text Prize).

Praise for Kimberley’s previous literary crime novel, The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies:

“the novel both delights and surprises… rich with actions and situations that pose tantalising moral questions” Good Reading

“Starr does a fine job in nostalgia, evoking mangroves, a meandering river and tropical weather to create a time and place” The Courier Mail

“keeps readers guessing to the end… a promising debut” The Australian

“a gripping psychological thriller… an award-winning story of passion and mystery” Woman’s Day

“ambitious … written with an undemonstrative assurance, so that it hardly reads like the work of an author in the early stages of a career” The Canberra Times

“A clever, compulsive story of mystery and intrigue…The work sparkles with small, stylish gems of literary accomplishment that give great pleasure. Kimberley Starr has a strong voice and a keen sense of humour.”

Kimberley’s books


Set in a small town in the Yarra Valley, Torched is the story of Phoebe Wharton, a school principal, and her son Caleb, who survive a devastating bushfire only to be ripped apart by its aftermath when Caleb is accused of being the arsonist. Told from the perspective of both Phoebe and Caleb, Torched is a powerfully written, utterly compelling literary crime novel about mothers and sons and the ties that bind them.

The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies

Twenty years after the first boy vanished along the Brisbane River, psychologist Madeleine Jeffries is called home to help untangle a chain of similar disappearances. To do so she must confront secrets and guilt from her own past. 

The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies is an exploration of grief, responsibility and repercussions, and the way childhood actions can echo throughout our lives.

The Book of Whispers

Tuscany, 1096 AD. Luca, young heir to the title of Conte de Falconi, sees demons and dreams of the future.

Far away in Cappadocia, Suzan has dreams too, of a brown-haired boy riding through the desert. A boy with an ancient book that holds some inscrutable power.

Luca and Suzan will go on an adventure that will lead to places beyond both their understanding.

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